Founded by William Morris in 1861, originally under the name Morris, Marshall, Faulkner & Co., Morris & Co. produces beautiful and unmistakable fabric and wallpaper, with an unparalleled reputation and unique position in the field of design and interior decorating.

William Morris and his company provided all that was needed to create the 'House Beautiful' with a strong style aesthetic, encompassing many of the decorative arts all hand-made by highly skilled craftsmen and women. Success was instant and growth rapid and, helped by commissions to decorate the Royal Palaces, the business went from strength to strength in its first 50 years.

The turn of the 20th century brought new management and Morris & Co. struggled through the interim years of the two World Wars until it went into administration and was bought out by Arthur Sanderson & Sons in 1940.

It is due to Morris’s artistry, energy and extraordinary vision that Morris & Co. is a thriving business today.



Since 2003 Morris & Co. has been part of Walker Greenbank PLC, an international group of companies which design, manufacture, market and distribute wallcoverings, furnishing fabrics and associated products to the middle to high end of the consumer market. The head office at Denham, Buckinghamshire, accommodates the Studio, the original Morris & Co. Archive, Customer Service, Export, Contract Sales, Purchasing, Marketing and Accounts departments.

Morris & Co. has moved on from its hand-printed, artisan roots and today uses innovative technology to ensure it remains successful and strong in the 21st century; using Walker Greenbank’s own wallpaper printing factory, Anstey in Loughborough, and fabric mill, Standfast & Barracks in Lancashire.



The unique and unrivaled Morris & Co. archive is housed in a purpose-built, environmentally-controlled room at the Denham head office. Original log-books, dating back to the establishment of Morris, Marshall, Faulkner & Co., provide samples of every wallpaper produced, accompanied by the printer’s hand-written notes on exact colourations. With larger examples of wallpaper, printed and woven textiles, the Morris & Co. studio produce faithful reproductions of original designs, and develop fresh, subtle interpretations of classic patterns. By delving into Morris’s fascinating life and other pursuits the studio also find inspiration to create new designs to capture the essence and beauty of the Morris style.



Morris & Co. has always enjoyed a loyal following of enthusiastic appreciators, drawn to Morris’s beautiful designs and the integrity his name evokes. However, finding new audiences continues to be an important part of the business. Introducing new qualities and refreshing classic designs through innovative production have ensured consistent growth for the brand in recent years.

The Morris & Co. showroom in the Design Centre Chelsea Harbour, London, is a stunning showcase for the brand’s wallpaper and fabric collections. It can be found on the ground floor in the Centre Dome and it also houses the Sanderson and Zoffany brands.

Morris & Co. fabrics and wallpapers are sold through high quality interior designers, department stores and retailers throughout the UK. The hotel contract market and furniture manufacturers also generate sales, all supported by a knowledgeable and dedicated team of Area Managers.

Like all the brands in the Walker Greenbank group, Morris & Co. stock and distribution is supported by a fully computerised customer service operation. Deliveries are dispatched from the company’s centrally located distribution centre three hours after the point of order through a courier system which operates throughout the UK, Europe and Worldwide.



International Sales represent around 40% of the Company’s turnover with sales established in well over 50 countries worldwide. Morris & Co.’s two largest markets outside the UK are Japan and the USA, where the full range of product is showcased at the New York showroom, in the esteemed D&D building.

Sales are driven by an experienced network of agents and distributors, many of whom Morris & Co. have worked with for over 40 years. Western Europe and the Far East, most notably Japan and China are key territories but in recent years Eastern Europe and Russia in particular, have become very strong, driven by a demand for quality furnishings with a unique design heredity.





In 1864 William Morris launched his first three wallpaper designs 'Daisy', 'Trellis' & 'Fruit', hand-printed by Jeffrey & Co. Morris went on to become a prolific designer of wallpapers, and along with a team produced the fine catalogue of designs for which Morris & Co. owes its success today. In 1905, nine years after the death of Morris, five designs were selected for surface roller production but the vast majority of papers continued to be hand printed until 1982. Switching to machine manufacture at that stage was necessary to rejuvenate the business and ensure it continued trading. An area within the Anstey wallpaper factory is reserved for the production of block printing wallpapers which are still commissioned by heritage organisations, individuals and restoration projects.



William Morris began designing his own fabrics in 1873, first outsourcing production to the Yorkshire mill Bannister Hall and then to Thomas Wardle in Staffordshire in 1878. Morris worked closely with Wardle to develop vegetable and mineral dyes – considered unfashionable in the machine age, but a prerequisite by Morris to keep to the medieval tradition. Morris embarked on reviving the old method of indigo discharge-printing when he acquired the Merton Abbey Mill works in 1881. He had started designing woven textiles in 1877 and production was brought to Merton Abbey in the 1880s. From these beginnings the printing of fabric has remained in the UK and is now undertaken by Standfast & Barracks mill.  Today, the Morris & Co. studio work closely with mills in Europe to develop the range of woven fabrics such as chenilles, velvets and jacquard weaves, whilst embroideries are beautifully crafted in India. Wherever products are produced Morris & Co. strive to ensure the high standard, good pay and working conditions of employees.





In autumn 2014 a new range of Morris & Co. bedlinen will be available in four designs - ‘Larkspur’, ‘Strawberry Thief’, ‘Daisy’ and ‘Willow Boughs’ - produced by our licensing partner Bedeck. Together with a coordinating range of sumptuous towels this beautiful addition to the Morris & Co. brand will be distributed by retailers throughout the UK.



Launched in 2013 Morris & Co. tableware consists of mugs featuring ‘Strawberry Thief’, ‘Pimpernel’, ‘Fruit’ and ‘Golden Lily’. Placemats and coasters in ‘Strawberry Thief’, ‘Marigold’, ‘Pimpernel’ and ‘Willow Boughs’ complete the range.



First introduced in 2013, some of the most iconic Morris prints are translated onto luxurious toiletries and home fragrance products. Fragranced with rich, earthy scents based on sandalwood, patchouli, amber and incense oils, and blended with notes of dew-fresh red berries, mandarin, bergamot and pepper, the range comprises Bath & Body Care, Hand Cream & Hand Wash, Scented Candles, Travel Toiletries, Room Fragrance and Gift Sets.



Made exclusively by Fultons, Morris & Co. umbrellas are produced from only the highest quality materials and engineering before being individually hand finished. With traditional crook-handled umbrellas to slim, light-weight brollies the range features design favourites such as ‘Golden Lily’, ‘Chrysanthemum’, ‘Strawberry Thief’, ‘Willow Boughs’, ‘Scroll’, ‘Merton’ and ‘Bluebell’.



Made from 100% wool, this inspirational range of handcrafted rugs translate some of Morris & Co.’s most renowned and iconic designs. Offered in a distinctive Morris & Co. colour palette, these rugs deftly complement the fabrics and wallpapers in the Morris & Co. collections and will add a touch of heritage to any home.




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